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ultimate gallery 200xSJ Ultimate Gallery is a gallery that uses fancybox to deliver almost any webpage, video or image on the web. It has three layouts that can be used to display the content: a thumbs layout, a grid layout and a list layout, fully customizable to make the module fit into the design of your template. images


Demo Thumbs Layout

SJ Ultimate Gallery - Thumbs Layout

Demo Grid Layout

SJ Ultimate Gallery - Grid Layout

Demo List Layout

SJ Ultimate Gallery - List Layout


Setup SJ Ultimate Gallery

I. Create your setup file

Using your FTP user and passwors login on your server.
Navigate to modules/mod_sj_ultimate_gallery/setups. Here you will find the file configuration.txt as example. You can edit this file or can create your own setup file.

The content of this file must have as follows:

the link to navigate|fancybox extension to use|the path to the thumbnail|Description

there must be all theese information for each element you want the gallery to have, one per line. So for ex: for a 4 thumbs gallery you must have 4 lines here.

Now each of theese settings are:

the link to navigate - the link we all know (ex:
fancybox extension to usefancybox fancybox.iframe - for internal/external links and google maps
                                                 - fancybox-media - generaly for videos
                                                 - fancybox-thumb - for images
the path to the thumbnail - the link of the thumbnail
DescriptionI - Use <h4> tag for titles and <p> tag for text - theese are the tags that have options at title and description in backend. All html tags can be used here.

II. Setup the gallery in the joomla backend 

 gen settings ultimate

General Settings

Select setup file - Select from the list the setup file you have created and p I
Layout - select the layout you want to use - look at demos to see the difference
Vertical/Horizontal space - the space between the thumbs or grid items at grid layout
Thumbnail With/height - the dimensions for the thumbnails for thumbs and list layouts
Thumb scaling - for thumb images that doesn't have the exact dimensions from the option above. Stretch will fill the thumb and cut the image but cover will fit the image, maintaining the aspect ratio.


grid list sett ultimate


Grid and List layout options:

Grid item with/height - the dimensions of the grid items when the grid layout is used
Grid image height - the height for the thumb in grid layout. The with of the image will be the with of the grid.
Grid caption background - the background color for the description text when the grid layout is used

Thumb align - the alignement for the thumb when the list layout is used. Can be on the left of the list item or in the right.


desc sett ulti

Descriptin settings:

The description options applyes to the <p> tag from the configuration file, and the title applyes to the <h4> tag.


borders ulti

 Border settings:

The options here are self explanatory. Theese can be mixed to get some interesting effects and designs.

III. Publish

In the left hand size give your module a Title, select the Position you want to publish check the Status to be Published and Module Assignement to be On all pages or if you want specific pages select them from the list.

IV. Save and exit


Version history


  • Setup file
  • Thumbs, Grid, List layouts
  • Vertical/Horizontal Space
  • Thumbnail Width/Height
  • Thumb scaling
  • Grid item with/height
  • Grid image height
  • Grid caption background
  • Thumb align for list layout
  • Description/title font size, weight, color, align
  • Borders
  • Border radius
  • Thumbs border colors normal and on hover
  • Border styles normal and on hover


  • New button set-up added


For any problems regarding our products do not hesitate to contact us on our suport emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or place your questions, comments and critics in the comment form below.

You should also make sure :

  1. Joomla! is up to date and properly configured;
  2. Your SuperJoom products are up to date;
  3. The website is live and open to public (not localhost)


If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact data or the form below.

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0 #1 Karl 2014-05-14 15:32

This is a very nice module. Thank you for your work!
It doesn't seem like this module includes a sort-by, or pagination feature.

I would consider adding features like these in the future to really make this module sing.

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