Module in content or article

Q : I need to include your module inside an article. Is this possible?

A : Yes. Click here or here to read about how to do it.

Multiple instances

Q : How to publish more than one instance of a module on the same page or across the website, using separate settings?

A : Use the following steps
1. In the modules list, click and check the select box of the module name.
2. Click the Copy button in the upper right.
3. You will create a clone.
4. Configure the clone as a new module, change the settings as you need and publish it on another position or page. For any additional instances, use the same steps.

However SJ Article CarouselSJ Accordion Menu, SJ Social Cloud and SJ HTML5 Audio Player are unstable when more than one are prezent on the page.

The extension X doesn't work

S: If extension X doesn't work on your site/page make sure you :

Installed, configured and published the extension.
Watched/read the provided documentation.
You are not testing on localhost.Some extensions aren't working while testing on localhost/local servers.
Please make sure you install and test on a live domain/server.

Where should I get support?

S1: Please see the above menu. Click the CONTACT US menu link.
S2: In each product page is a tab named Support with a fast e-mail form.

99% of the customer problems are solved in less than 24 hours.
We have noticed that the issues are related mostly to human error, not our code. Note that we're not here to teach you Joomla.

Support questions sent from :
1. Comment form from the product pages will delay your problem being solved.
2. Shop (Manage Your Account) are not meant for product support.

Can I use any of the products on another framework / static page?

No. The products are designed exclusively for Joomla

I need customization or changes

What if I need some change in functionality, look & feel, custom work?

Please do write and tell us your needs. If it's a good idea or a nice feature we will try to implement it.

Note : Remember you bought the product as described at that moment. 
We cannot guarantee or accept any of your feature request, change, etc.