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      JS Responsive HTML5 Audio Player it is a player based on html5 audio ,customized with javascricpt to be responsive and to work with iOS, Android adn Windows phones. Our HTML5 audio player it is made to be easy to configurate with our newest add song button and other futures. The new feature will allow you to use the search button from the bottom of the player in order to look for your desired songs in the playlist. Also you will be able to categorize your songs. This player will allow you to use with multiple instances feature in order to have more on the same pages. each with individual settings.



Quick install guide

1. Log in to the Joomla administration back-end.

2. Select Extensions --> Install/Uninstall from the top menu.

3. In the panel Uploadpackagefile, click Browse and locate the installation package you have downloaded to your local computer.

4. Click the button Upload & Install.

5. Select Extensions --> Module Manager from the top menu and click JS Responsive HTML5 Aduio Playerin the list.

6. Open the module and follow setup.


Setup JS Responsive HTML5 Audio Player

I. Upload images and songs

Using your FTP user and password, login on your server and navigate to images folder and create forder for images and songs. Upload your songs and cover images into your created folders. You will need both .mp3 and .ogg file formats for every toon in order to work with all browsers and all operating systems. 

Browser MP3 OGG
Internet Explorer 9 YES No
Firefox 4.0 No YES
Google Chrome 6 YES YES
Apple Safari 5 YES No
Opera 10.6 No YES


II. Setup module

In the backend of your joomla website select Extensions --> Module Manager from the top menu and click JS Responsive HTML5 Audio Player  in the list. 

1. Setup your player


2. Setup the playlist


3. Publish

In the left hand size give your module a Title , select the Position you want to publish check the Status to be Published  and Module Assignement to be On all pages or if you want specific pages select them from the list.

4. Save and exit.





Version history


  •  class suffix - option to use it for multiple instances
  • player width - option to set-up the width of the player (do not use px or % only the value)
  • player wrapper - height in order to calculate the total height into articles(do not use px or % only the value)
  • songs display - option to adjust how many songs to be shown in one playlist untill the scroll button to appear
  • set-up items  - will allow you to set-up descriptions songs and images for each song in playlist.v1.1


  • Enable autoplay
  • Show search
  • Show twitter button
  • Show description
  • Show title
  • Show rewind
  • Show shuffle button
  • Enable shuffle


Lots of css customizations added


For any problems regarding our products do not hesitate to contact us on our suport emails:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or place your questions, comments and critics in the comment form below.


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